The following materials or substrates are used:

  • Hydraspun from 55 gram/m² (FSC® certified (FSC-C108875), biodegradable etc.)
  • Micro fiber from 80 gram/m²
  • Bio-cotton
  • Crepe tissue as from 41 gram/m²
  • Non-woven as from 22 gram/m²
  • Airlaid as from 45 gram/m²
  • Needlepunch as from 80 gram/m² in Vis/PET composition
  • Thermobonded spunlace as from 35 gram/m² in Vis/PP composition
  • spunlace as from 40 gram/m² in Vis/PET or Vis/PP or 100% viscose composition
  • spunlace with embossing as from 50 gram/m² in Vis/PET or Vis/PP composition
  • Cross lapped spunlace as from 50 gram/m² in Vis/PET or Vis/PP or 100% viscose composition
  • Spunlace with meltblown abrasive side as from 55 gram/m² in Vis/PET
  • Apertured spunlace as from 40 gram/m² in Vis/PET composition
  • 100% cotton hydro- entangled spunlace as from 50 gram/m²

We have other kinds of special unique non woven. Please ask if you have further questions (here).

Vis = Viscose
PP = Polypropelene
PET = Polyester



Wetting lotions and chemicals

For cosmetic, cleaning or disinfection products we develop and formulate the wetting lotions according to your needs. We have a brought spectrum of in-house formulations available, or we mix the wetting lotion according to your instruction. The Innovate development process is performed by our team under strict internal and external criteria. We are happy to contact the appropriate certification body to certify your product for marketing-supporting labels (e.g. ECOCERT, allergen management, etc.). We run a physical-chemical and a microbiological lab. New cosmetic formulations are tested by standard in a preservative challenge test and a dermatological test.

Selected raw materials:

  • Soft water or deionised water
  • Alcohol for cleaning or disinfection purposes is denatured according to the product requirement
  • Surface-active ingredients
  • Perfumes are evaluated according to IFRA standard and according to the cosmetic directive EC/1223/2009 on allergen ingredients
  • Plant extracts (chamomile, aloe vera, calendula, cucumber,hamamelis, etc.)
  • Active ingredients (vitamins, panthenol, allantoin, emollients, jojoba oil, olive oil, etc.)
  • Preservatives and anti-microbial ingredients

One of our criteria in the selection of raw materials is the conformity to natural and ecological demands, e.g. biodegradability, environmental friendliness, and a low irritation potential to the skin. We use raw materials according to the product group of cosmetic, food, pharmacological or in some cases technical quality. We purchase the raw material of the highest quality standard needed for all product groups, if appropriate. As a manufacturer of cosmetic and cleaning products, we are a downstream user according to REACH. To ensure the REACh conformity of our products, we are in close contact with our suppliers.