We are always keen in being able to offer you the latest technical requirements.

We are currently producing flowpacks, cans, rolls and buckets on ten production lines, all of which can be operated in a three-shift system, thanks to our well-trained staff.

Through constant internal and external maintenance and close cooperation with the manufacturers of our machines, we are able to offer you a flexible and ultra-modern technology park that meets your requirements for special and high-quality products.


  • 3 fully automatic interfold, fold lines including high speed packaging machines
  • A fully automatic ultrasonic gloves machine for the production of wet non-woven gloves
  • A fully automatic and 2 semi-automatic crossfold lines including high-speed packaging machines
  • Clean room conditions: sluices, clean air and overpressure in the production area
  • 2 machines for the production of coreless rolls
  • A semi-automatic filling machine for filling tubs and bottles
  • A fully automatic bag filling machine


  • A reverse osmose installation for water treatment and demineralization
  • A fully automatically controlled system for tankfilling, mixing process and CIP system
  • Steam cleaning of the water treatment system and all product lines
  • Automatic cleaning of production machines with hot water treatment
  • Our own mixing department for the production of our own lotions
  • 100m³ storage capacity for impregnating liquids and lotions


  • In-house microbiological controls
  • “Testfacility” for new lotions
  • Titration for BKZ determination in-house
  • MAC value test system for determining the air quality in the production area
  • In-house laboratory and quality assurance according to ISO 9001, HACCP


We have an integrated quality management system and are certified according to the following standards:

DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015
ISO 13485
ISO 22716 (cosmetic GMP)
IFS Household and Personal Care

Are you looking for a product that sets you apart from your competitors? No problem – we can also offer you a variety of product certifications.



An important aspect of our corporate policy is the protection of the environment and natural resources. Our employees are encouraged to work in a clean and resource-conserving manner. The pollution of the environment by chemicals is avoided and the amount of waste and reject is kept to a minimum.

The safety of the company and its products is guaranteed by various measures and facilities:

  • Strict hygiene instructions which realign to the standards of the food industry
  • Metal detectors on all lines
  • Cleaning and disinfection plans
  • HACCP concept
  • Regular instruction of all employees in work safety and first aid
  • Hazardous substance training for employees who handle chemicals
  • Operating instructions for chemicals
  • Fire prevention and first aid guidelines
  • Instructions for guests and third party companies
  • Creation of MSDS sheets for all products



The following tissue materials are used by Innovate and can be processed for any application:

  • The following tissue materials or substrates are used by Innovate:
  • Hydraspun from 55 gr/m² (FSC® certified (FSC-C108875), rinsable etc.)
  • Microfibre from 80 gr/m²
  • Non-woven from 22 gr/m²
  • Airlaid from 45 gr/m²
  • Needlepunch from 80 gr/m² in Vis/PET composition
  • Thermobonded Spunlace from 18 gr/m² in Vis/PP composition
  • Spunlace from 40 gr/m² in Vis/PET or Vis/PP or 100% Viscose composition
  • Spunlace with embossing from 50 gr/m² in Vis/PET or Vis/PP composition
  • Cross lapped Spunlace from 50 gr/m² in Vis/PET or Vis/PP or 100% Viscose composition
  • Spunlace with meltblown Abrasive side from 55 gr/m² in Vis/PET composition
  • Apertured Spunlace from 40 gr/m² in Vis/PET mixture
  • 100% cotton Hydro-entangled Spunlace from 50 gr/m²

We also have special unique fabric types adapted to your customer requirements. Please contact us.

Vis = Viscose
PP = Polypropylen


For cosmetic, cleaning or disinfection products we develop and formulate the wetting lotions according to your needs. In addition, we have an ultra-modern piping system at our disposal, which offers high process reliability and reduces chemical cleaning through the use of rocking and steam. This enables us to change products quickly between different procedures. We have a chemical-physical and a microbiological laboratory at our disposal. New formulations are tested externally as standard in a preservative stress test and in a dermatological test. 

Selection of raw materials:

  • Softened water or deionised water
  • Alcohol for cleaning or disinfection purposes is denatured according to the product requirement
  • Surface-active ingredients
  • Perfumes are evaluated according to IFRA standard and according to the cosmetic directive EC/1223/2009 on allergen ingredients
  • Plant extracts (chamomile, aloe vera, calendula, cucumber,hamamelis, etc.)
  • Active ingredients (vitamins, panthenol, allantoin, emollients, jojoba oil, olive oil, etc.)
  • Preservatives and anti-microbial ingredients

When selecting raw materials, ecological criteria such as biodegradability, environmental and skin compatibility (Öko-Test, BDIH, etc.) are taken into account. The raw materials are used according to the application in cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical (Ph.Eur.) or also technical quality. The quality is always ordered with the highest required standard. As a downstream user, we communicate with our suppliers to ensure REACH conformity.