We offer all whistleblowers, i.e. employees, former employees and all persons associated with our company in a professional capacity, an internal reporting channel. With this internal reporting channel, you can submit information about facts that have been observed or otherwise come to your attention in a secure and non-manipulable manner.


The whistleblower’s identity is protected via this internal reporting centre. Anonymous reports are not accepted.


In accordance with legal requirements, we would like to point out that the internal reporting centre should be used preferentially for whistleblowers. The internal reporting centre will protect the confidentiality of the identity of the whistleblower if the reported information concerns violations that are subject to the Whistleblower Protection Act. The confidentiality of the persons who are the subject of a report and the other persons named in the report will also be protected.


All reports must be submitted via Signal Messenger. You can download this messenger service to your PC or smartphone via the App Store, Google Play or the official Signal website. You can reach our internal reporting centre on the mobile phone number +49 1520 7672546 and leave a report there either in writing (as a text message) or verbally (as a voice message).

The relevant information will then be forwarded to the lawyers we have appointed to act as ombudsmen. These lawyers ensure the confidentiality of your identity and ensure that the information is handled in a legally secure manner. This does not create a client relationship between you and the lawyers.


It is in our interest to act in accordance with the law. Therefore, please help us to uncover and remedy any irregularities in the company.